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Insurance Bad Faith By State

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on October 10, 2016


StateFirst Party InsuranceLiability InsuranceCan a Third-Party Bring a direct ActionPunitive Damages
TortContractStatute/UCPATortContractAssignStatuteTortStatuteYes / No / Cap
ALYesNoAla. Code 1975 §27-12-24YesNoNoAla. Code 1975 §27-12-24YesNoCap
AKYesNoAlaska Stat. §21.36.125YesYesYesAlaska Stat. §21.36.125NoNoCap
AZYesNoAriz. Rev. Stat. Ann. §20-461YesNoYesAriz. Rev. Stat. Ann. §20-461NoNoYes
ARYesNoArk. Stat. Ann. §23-66-206(9)YesNoYesArk. Stat. Ann. §23-66-206(9)NoNoYes
CAYesYesCal. Ins. Code §790.03(h)YesYesYesCal. Ins. Code §790.03(h)NoNoYes
COYesNoColo. Rev. Stat. §10-3-1104(h)YesNoYesColo. Rev. Stat. §10-3-1104(h)NoNoCap
CTYesYesConn. Gen. Stat. §38a-816YesYesYesConn. Gen. Stat. §38a-816NoNoYes
DEYesYes18 Del. Code §2304(16)YesNoYes18 Del. Code §2304(16)NoNoYes
FLNoNoFla. Stat. Ann. §624.155YesNoYesFla. Stat. Ann. §624.155YesFla. Stat. Ann. §624.155Cap
GANoNoGa. Code. Ann. §33-6-34YesNoNoGa. Code. Ann. §33-6-34NoNoCap
HIYesYesHaw. Rev. Stat. Ann. §431:13-103(a)(10)YesNoYesHaw. Rev. Stat. Ann. §431:13-103(a)(10)YesNoYes
IAYesYesIa. Code §507B.4(9)YesNoYesIa. Code §507B.4(9)NoIa. Code §516.1Yes
IDYesYesId. Code §41-1329YesNoYesId. Code §41-1329NoNoYes
ILNoYes215 ILCS 5/155NoYesYes215 ILCS 5/155NoNoCap
INYesYesInd. Code §27-4-1-4.5YesYesYesInd. Code §27-4-1-4.5NoNoYes

Kan. Stat. Ann. §40-2404(a)

NoYesYesKan. Stat. Ann. §40-2404(a)NoNoCap
KYYesYesKy. Rev. Stat §304-12-230YesYesYesKy. Rev. Stat §304-12-230NoKy.Rev.Stat§304-12-230Yes
LAYesNoLa. Rev. Stat. §22:1220YesNoYesLa. Rev. Stat. §22:1220YesLa. Rev. Stat.§22:1220Cap
MENoYes24 A.M.R.S.A §2436-AYesYesYes24 A.M.R.S.A §2436-ANoNoYes
MDNoYesMd. Ann. Code Art. 41A,§215(1982)NoYesYesMd. Ann. Code Art. 41A,§215(1982)NoNoYes
MAYesYesMass. Gen. L. Ch.93A, §9 & Ch.176D, §3(g)YesYesYesMass. Gen. L. Ch.93A, §9 & Ch.176D, §3(g)NoNoYes
MIYesYesM.C.L. §500.2026YesYesYesM.C.L. §500.2026YesNoYes
MNYesYesMinn. Stat. §72A.201YesYesYesMinn. Stat. §72A.201NoNoYes
MSYesYesMiss. Code Ann. §§83-5-45YesYesYesMiss. Code Ann. §§83-5-45NoNoYes
MONoYesMo. Rev. Stat. §375.936;375.1YesNoYesMo. Rev. Stat. §375.936;375.1NoNoYes
MTYesYesMont. Code. Ann. §33-18-201NoNoNoMont. Code. Ann. §33-18-201NoMont. Code. Ann. §33-18-242(3)Yes
NBYesYesNeb. Rev. Stat. §44-1525(9)YesYesYesNeb. Rev. Stat. §44-1525(9)YesNeb. Rev. Stat. §44-1525(9)No
NVYesYesNev. Rev. Stat. §686A.310NoNo*Nev. Rev. Stat. §686A.310NoNoYes
NHNoYesN.H. Rev. Stat. §417:4(XV)Yes*YesN.H. Rev. Stat. §417:4(XV)YesNoNo
NJYesYesN.J. Stat. Ann. §17B:30-13.1 and §17:29B-4(9)YesYesYesN.J. Stat. Ann. §17B:30-13.1 and §17:29B-4(9)NoNo*
NMYesYesN.M. Stat. §59A-16-1QYes*QN.M. Stat. §59A-16-1QNoNoYes
NYNoYesN.Y. Ins. Law §§40-d 2402(2)Yes*YesN.Y. Ins. Law §§40-d 2402(2)NoNoYes
NCYesYesN.C. Gen. Stat. §58-54.4(11); §58-63-1;§58-63-15(11)YesNoNoN.C. Gen. Stat. §58-54.4(11); §58-63-1;§58-63-15(11)NoNoCap
NDYesYesN.D. Cent. Code §26.1-04-03(9)Yes*YesN.D. Cent. Code §26.1-04-03(9)NoNoCap
OHYesYesOhio Admin. Code §3901-1-07YesNoYesOhio Admin. Code §3901-1-07NoOhio Admin. Code §3901-1-07No
OKYesYesOkla. Stat. §1250.1YesNoYesOkla. Stat. §1250.1NoNoCap
ORNoYesOr. Rev. Stat. §746.230YesYesYesOr. Rev. Stat. §746.230NoNoYes
PANoYes73 P.S. §201-1; §42 P.S.§8371YesYesYes73 P.S. §201-1; §42 P.S.§8371NoNoYes
RIYesYesR.I. St § 29-9.1-48YesNoYesR.I. St § 29-9.1-48NoNoYes
SCYesYesS.C. Code Ann. §30-37-110YesYesYesS.C. Code Ann. §30-37-110NoNoYes
SDYesYesS.D. St. §48-33-67(2)(1980)YesYesYesS.D. St. §48-33-67(2)(1980)**Yes
TNNoYesTenn. Code. Ann.§56-8-104(8)YesNoNoTenn. Code. Ann.§56-7-106NoNoYes
TXYesNoTex. Ins. Code. Ann. §21.21-2;Tex. Bus.&Com.Code §17.46YesYesYesTex. Ins. Code. Ann. §21.21-2;Tex. Bus.&Com.Code §17.46NoNoYes
UTNoYesU.C. 31 19-26-303 et seq.YesYesYesU.C. 31 19-26-303 et seq.NoNoYes
VTYesYesVt. Stat. Ann§4724(a)(1970)Yes*YesVt. Stat. Ann§4724(a)(1970)NoNoYes
VANoYesVa. Code§38.1-52.9(1950)*YesYesVa. Code§38.1-52.9(1950)NoNoCap
WAYesNoWash. Admin.Code§234-30-300YesYesYesWash. Admin.Code§234-30-300NoNoCap
WVYesYesW. Va. Code§33-11-4YesNoYesW. Va. Code§33-11-4NoW. Va. Code §33-11-4Yes
WIYesYesWis. Admin. Code sec Ins. §6.11(3); Wis. Stat. Ann. §628.34NoNoYesWis. Admin. Code sec Ins. §6.11(3); Wis. Stat. Ann. §628.34NoNoYes
WYYesYesWyo. Stat.§§26-13-101Yes*YesWyo. Stat.§§26-13-101NoNoYes


This list is provided to you on an as-is basis courtesy of Diminished Value of Georgia.

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