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Claim Handling Quick Guide

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on February 23, 2017

Quick claim handling guidelines and information about our appraisal services.

All Claims:

  • The appraisal report is the evidence you need to support your claim
  • Insurance adjusters need documentation before issuing payment
  • Third party carriers are your adversaries and not your friend, their job is to minimize payouts and look after their client (the person who hit you)
  • Insurance carriers are required by law to consider (consider = look at) evidence (evidence = appraisal report) submitted to them

Diminished Value:

  • The body shop wrote an estimate, that was the proof the insurance company needed to pay for repairs; Same applies for DV, they need an appraisal to put in the claim dossier
  • Diminished value amounts are negotiable
  • Insurance companies use their own formula (17c) and won’t pay more unless proof is presented to them
  • Insurance companies don’t honor dealer appraisals because of the conflict of interest (dealers want to buy the car for the minimum amount etc..)
  • First party DV claims are only allowed in Georgia
  • We can negotiate and settle first party DV claims against all Georgia policies except State Farm, Safeco and Auto Owners (their appraisal clause excludes DV)
  • We don’t produce DV reports on cars with branded or salvage titles
  • Our DV quotes are free, but we must receive a copy of the repair estimate
  • Desk appraisals are $150 flat
  • We charge $100 to negotiate and settle claims under the policy’s appraisal clause
  • What you pay us for a desk review goes towards a field appraisal if you choose to get one
  • We need to see the car if you are seeking repair related DV

Total Loss

  • We charge $50 to look at the documents you have, we call it a claim review
  • We charge $150 flat for an appraisal
  • We charge $100 to negotiate and settle your claim (above and beyond the appraisal)
  • We need to know if your vehicle has any customizations or upgrades
  • We need to know if the the vehicle has major maintenance done in the last 6 months (engine, transmission…)

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