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Generally speaking, a car will be “totaled” if and when the anticipated cost to repair it is greater than the vehicle’s actual cash value or a percentage thereof.

In some cases, repairing a seriously damaged vehicle is simply impractical, even though the repair costs would not likely exceed cash value. Insurers may decide to “total” a car or truck in this situation and they do that by paying the vehicle’s market value before the accident. But are they paying you the right amount? Total Loss Scenarios:

  • Actual Cash Value of Vehicle = $10,000
    Cost of Repair: $12,000
    Vehicle Totaled ❌

  • Actual Cash Value of Vehicle = $10,000
    Cost of Repair: $8,000
    Vehicle Totaled ❌

  • Actual Cash Value of Vehicle = $10,000
    Cost of Repair: $5,000
    Diminished Value: $1,000
    Vehicle Repaired ✔️

  • Actual Cash Value of Vehicle = $30,000
    Cost of Repair: $21,000
    Diminished Value: $4,500
    Vehicle Totaled ❌

  • Actual Cash Value of Vehicle = $30,000
    Cost of Repair: $15,000
    Diminished Value: $5,000
    Vehicle Repaired ✔️


Diminished Value of Georgia offers total loss car appraisals to all those are dealing with the fallout of a totaled vehicle in the aftermath of a car accident. Don't settle for what the insurance adjuster is offering? He's not your friend but your opponent. total-loss-value-difference


Once a vehicle has been declared a total loss, questions of valuation can become particularly thorny and the subject of significant disagreement between claimants and their carriers. Insurance companies will commission an appraisal of the vehicle in question and inform the policyholder of their valuation assessment. Georgia law provides for multiple claims valuation methods, including the cash equivalent method or the replacement vehicle method. It is important for car owners to keep in mind that they have the right to refuse that determination and begin a dispute process by hiring an appraiser of their choosing. When concerns arise about the fairness of the value assessment provided by the insurer, this option should indeed be exercised.

Hire your own total loss car appraiser

As is almost always the case, an auto insurance carrier will make every attempt to reduce the value of a policyholder's claim. For this reason, an unfairly low appraisal value may be provided in the aftermath of a total loss event. The difference between an insurer's appraisal amount and that reached by an independent appraiser can sometimes be substantial, and it is in the vehicle owner's best interest to secure a second opinion, so to speak. Georgia auto insurance policies typically contain a so-called “appraisal clause” articulating the holder's right to seek his or her own valuation assessment for the purposes of dispute resolution and claim settlement negotiations. As one of Atlanta's leading car appraisal companies, we look forward to helping you obtain the full value you are owed for your vehicle.

Review the insurer's valuation report

It is critical that a vehicle owner scrutinize the details of the insurance carrier's valuation report following a serious accident. Some of the most important elements to review for accuracy include:
  • Make, model and year description of the vehicle
  • Odometer reading
  • Trim level
  • Optional equipment
  • Assessment of condition
  • Comparable vehicle valuations (number used/location)
  • Adjustments for condition and mileage
  • Recent repair work and/or upgrades
  • Tax amount
It is often the case that the insurer's appraisal report will be inaccurate, potentially depriving you of the monetary value to which you are rightly entitled. Keeping a close eye on the criteria the carrier's appraiser used to assess the vehicle can prevent unnecessary loss.

Diminished Value of Georgia offers affordable, total loss car appraisal services

Our team of valuation professionals stand ready to provide owners with either a desk review or a field inspection of their totaled vehicle.

1- Total Loss Desk Appraisal: $150

This report is normally ordered when the condition assessment contained in the insurer's appraisal is not in dispute. This appraisal includes a USPAP compliant report, settlement negotiations directly with the carrier for first party claims is an additional $100 fee.

Order a Total Loss Desk Appraisal

2- Total Loss Field Appraisal:  $275

For cases in which the insurer's appraisal incorrectly characterizes the condition and other elements of the vehicle's value, we will need to conduct a physical inspection in order to provide an accurate determination. Field inspections cost $275 and include all aspects of a desk review as well as the added detail of an on-site examination. To schedule a field appraisal, please call 678-404-0455.

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