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Total Loss Claim Review

Was your car totaled? Do you want to make sure that your insurance company is offering you a fair price on your vehicle?

Order a Total Loss Claim Review and find out your vehicle’s true cash value.

What exactly is a claim review?
You had an accident and your car is totaled, the insurance company is making an offer to buy your car for what they think the pre-accident cash value is, should you take that offer or should you investigate the matter further?

As car appraisers, our job is to accurately quantify value and as such offer appraisal reports for a flat fee (up to $325), however, in many cases clients don’t really need an appraisal as the offer they currently have is not unfair.

This is where the claim review comes in, we will provide you with your car’s cash value but without the added expense of a full appraisal report.

The cost for a claim review is $75.