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Total Loss Desk Appraisal Order Page

Actual Cash Value Appraisals for Total Loss claims. 

Order your Total Loss Appraisal and collect your vehicle’s true market value.

Why do you need an ACV Appraisal?
A desk appraisal is a vehicle valuation report that outlines what the actual cash value of your vehicle was at the time of loss.

When a car is totaled, the insurer is required to pay the market value of the vehicle. Most insurance carriers use third party companies like CCC or Audatex to assess vehicle values. These companies only work for carriers and their values are often inaccurate.

To challenge the insurance company’s valuation, it is the vehicle owner’s burden of proof to provide evidence. Our USPAP compliant appraisal is the documentation you need to start the process.

The cost for a desk appraisal is $175.