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Valuation reports for a vehicles repaired after accident.

When an automobile is damaged in an accident, the resale value will drop even after the damage has been repaired.

This reduction in resale value is referred to as Diminished Value and is a legally covered loss under an automobile insurance policy.

Some Insurance companies rely on an erroneous formula, known as 17C, which underestimates the true impact of the loss.

By law, carriers must conduct a reasonable investigation of your claim which includes a fair review of evidence you submit to them. An appraisal report is what you need to properly document your loss.

Diminished Value of Georgia specializes in preparing a fair and accurate car appraisal after an accident to help you obtain proper compensation for your loss.


Valuation reports for vehicles declared a total loss.

When your vehicle is declared a total loss, the insurer will make compensation based on its own valuation report prepared by a third party company.

Usually the insurer’s report underestimates the vehicle’s value. You have the right to present a report prepared on your own behalf that disputes the valuation.

We offer two types of appraisals for total loss valuations – desk review or full field inspections – depending on which aspect of insurer’s report you're disputing.


Valuation reports for specialty vehicles

  • Classic and Antiques
  • Restored Vehicles
  • Collector, Custom and Race Cars
  • Stated Value Insurance for specialty insurance policies

Most classic car owners want the piece of mind of properly insuring their baby. By default most insurance policies are actual cash value policies, this is usually okay unless you have a heavily customized car or a restored classic.

We know that your car is important to you and so is your time. We offer a one stop shop for all your classic and antique car inspection and appraisal needs.

Our reports are accepted by all major carriers.

Is your car in storage? No problem, we can dispatch an inspector anywhere in Atlanta.


Valuation reports you can use in a legal or tax matter.

  • Charity and Donation Appraisals
  • Divorce / Estate / Bankruptcy / Tax / IRS

Donating your vehicle is a great way to reduce tax liability while helping others but for donations of items worth more than $5,000, the IRS requires a written appraisal.
Our appraisals are compliant with IRS publication P561 and we will provide you with an IRS form 8283 to file with your taxes.

Are you getting divorced? Did you lose a loved one and the estate is being divided? Are you filing for bankruptcy and the judge needs an appraisal of your assets? We can help. We are licensed and admitted as experts at magistrate, superior and state courts.


Valuation Report for Totaled Vehicles with a Lien

GAP insurance companies needed documentation supporting the repair cost and the cash value. Below are the reports we provided the vehicle owner:
  • Vehicle Pictures Report
  • Field Repair Estimate
  • Cash Value Appraisal Certificate



Pre-purchase inspections

Purchasing a pre-owned car can be a substantial investment so it is crucial to obtain as much information as possible before buying. Vehicle history reports are valuable but often give an incomplete picture. We offer used car pre-purchase inspections and appraisals that can either detect problems you should avoid or give you peace of mind in your purchase. We offer three pre-purchase inspection options to help you determine what a potential purchase is worth, whether its condition is as advertised, and even whether the vehicle is structurally sound.

Loss of use

If an accident deprives you of the right to drive your own vehicle for some amount of time, a loss of use calculator tells how much money it would cost you to drive a duplicate during that period. The costs of owning and operating a vehicle varies based on a number of factors including its actual cash value, maintenance costs, insurance premiums, and any deluxe features. Loss of use can be a component of a first-party or third-party insurance claim and we can help you determine the value of your loss of use.



Competitive pricing, exceptional service from licensed car appraisal professionals.

Diminished Value of Georgia offers the services of a professional and licensed auto appraiser with no hidden costs or fees. All our prices are flat and we never take a percentage of your claim.

Insurance companies know who the legitimate appraisers, which makes top-rated Diminished Value of Georgia a solid choice. To make an appointment or obtain your free estimate fill out our online contact form or call (678) 404-0455.


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