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Nebraska Diminished Value

Nebraska Diminished ValueIn Nebraska, the statute of limitations on torts is 4 years, this means that you need to file suit against the at fault driver within 4 years of the accident.


If the insurance company is offering you an unfair loss in value amount, you need to hire an independent appraiser to rebut their valuation.


You can also escalate the claim by contacting the Nebraska Insurance Commissioner.


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Insurance Bad Faith in Nebraska


Citation: Neb.Rev.Stat. §44-1525(9)


Revised Statutes » Chapter 44 » 44-1525

44-1525. Unfair trade practices; enumerated.

Any of the following acts or practices, if committed in violation of section 44-1524, shall be unfair trade practices in the business of insurance:


(9) Failing of any insurer to maintain a complete record of all the complaints received since the date of its last examination conducted pursuant to the Insurers Examination Act. This record shall indicate the total number of complaints, their classification by line of insurance, the nature of each complaint, the disposition of each complaint, and the time it took to process each complaint. For purposes of this subdivision, complaint shall mean any written communication primarily expressing a grievance;