Our service v. the Competition.

When handling your own Diminished Value claim, there is two basic services you can obtain:

  1. Field Appraisal which includes a physical inspectiom
  2. Desk Appraisal which is sight unseen


When selecting an appraiser, first thing you need to do is to check their credentials, make sure they are licensed, accredited  and legit. After this is done, you need to choose the solution that fits your needs the best. Some appraisers may offer only one solution, we offer both.

We recommend an assessment if the vehicle is slightly damaged, if the vehicle already sold, if the loss in value amount is low etc… In all other instances we suggest an appraisal.

Our Field Appraisal versus theirs:


XYZ Appraisers
100% Money Back Guarantee YES NO
Expert Court Testimony Included LOW COST
Vehicle History Report Included YES NO
Negotiate with other party $100 FLAT RATE Percentage of your claim
100% Customer Satisfaction YES NO

The cost of our Diminished Value appraisal is $275 and that includes a physical inspection and a repair quality checkup within our coverage area.

Our Desk Appraisal versus theirs:


XYZ Appraisers
Satisfaction Guarantee YES NO
Cost applies to Appraisal YES NO
Demand Letter YES Pay Extra
Subsequent Letters YES Pay Extra
Email Support YES NO
Local Office YES Website / Email Only
Fair and Accurate YES Formula Based

Certified Auto Appraisers


Many individuals claim to be certified appraisers, this is normally a professional designation from a third party private organization.

If an appraiser you’re considering to hire claims to be “certified”, you need to ask them the following questions:

  1. Which organization certified you?
  2. What relevance does this organization have to the auto appraisal industry?
  3. Is this organization legitimate? Is it nationwide or local?
  4. How many other auto appraisers belong to this organization?
  5. Does this organization comply with USPAP?
  6. What tests or classes did you have to take in order to be admitted to the organization?
  7. How long ago were those classes taken?
  8. Are you also licensed by a State Agency?
  9. Does the organization require members to comply with a code of ethics?
  10. What is the admittance threshold for the certifying organization?

Working for Insurance Companies

An appraiser is a professional with a legal responsibility to be independent and unbiased. Appraisers are not limited by who hires them as long as conflict of interest is not an issue. Our company is hired, on occasion, by insurers needing an independent professional to execute an appraisal clause dispute.

Insurance companies know who the legitimate appraisers are. Being hired by a carrier is normally a sign that the appraiser has been vetted and his credentials checked. Diminished Value of Georgia Company Background Check. 

We honor our fiduciary responsibility to our clients regardless of who they are, our appraisal amounts are the same regardless of who hires us. Our professionalism and neutrality is what sets us apart from other companies. We regularly turn down business from carriers with questionable business ethics.

Always check the Better Business Bureau profile of a company before hiring them.

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