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Hurricane Sandy Totaled Vehicles

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on January 10, 2013

Hurricane Sandy may total up to 250,000 new and used cars and trucks t, a loss that could eventually lead to a big spike in new auto sales, automakers and dealers said.hurricane sandy flooded cars

Car makers have reported that some 16,000 brand new vehicles will have to be scrapped due to the hurricane  that flooded  New Jersey and New York.

While this is good news for manufactures and car dealer, what happens to vehicle owners whose vehicles are now totaled? A fight with insurance companies.

Due to the large scale devastation, insurers are stretched thin and claims are being processed slowly. In addition, insurers are underpaying their customers on totaled cars.

Most people don’t know they have an appraisal clause in their policy that protects them from unfair valuations.

If you think the insurance company is underpaying your total loss auto claim, you need to hire an independent auto appraisal company that will serve as your interests in negotiating a fair and just settlement with the insurer.

Please visit our Flood Auto Claim Total Loss Website to order an appraisal report.

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