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Vehicle Actual Cash Value

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The Vehicle Actual Cash Value appraisal  includes a 24 point vehicle inspection and quantifies 4 major vehicle value metrics:

  • Vehicle Retail Market Value
  • Vehicle Private Party Value
  • Vehicle Trade-In Value
  • Vehicle Wholesale or Auction Value

This appraisal measures the current vehicle market value using sources like Black Book, Galves and Manheim Market Report in conjunction with other retail sources.

Obtaining a vehicle’s actual cash value is useful for many reasons including:

  • Estate Settlements
  • Divorce
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Purchasing a Vehicle
  • Selling a Vehicle
  • Exporting a vehicle
  • Insurance Value
  • Loan Value
  • Law suit

Please call us if you have any questions. Appraisals performed on site throughout the Atlanta Metro Area and the State of Georgia.


The Cost is $275