Money Back Guarantee

100 percent money back guaranteeAs an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, our company follows strict customer satisfaction guidelines. Before we offer our appraisal solutions to you, we make sure you have a solid claim.

We are so confident in our results we offer our customers a 100% money back guarantee on all  Diminished Value appraisals. 

If you’re considering several appraisers, this should be the first question you ask! The intent of this guarantee is to ensure that our clients are never out of pocket regardless of the outcome of the claim.

If the appraisal company you are considering for Diminished Value will not give your money back, you shouldn’t hire them, period. The overwhelming majority of our claims settle right away, if they don’t we will support you every step of the way up to and including testifying in court as your expert witness.

Our Senior Appraiser, Antoine Rached, has testified numerous times in court, in fact, he is authorized by the Georgia Bar Association to conduction Attorney training on Diminished Value Auto Torts.

Our Promise to you:

If your final settlement amount is not greater than the insurer’s initial offer plus our appraisal fee, we will refund 100% of our appraisal fee.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Money Back Guarantee not applicable on vehicles with prior accidents
  • Money Back Guarantee not applicable if you already signed a release of liability and/or already settled the claim
  • All settlement amounts must be verified
  • Refunds will be issued no sooner than 30 days from the assignment date
  • On field appraisals, the money back grantee excludes the inspector’s rate ($100)
  • Before issuing a refund, we will provide you with several sample response letters to send to the insurance carrier in an attempt to settle
  • We cannot offer a refund if the claim goes to trial
  • Refunds are offered only to personal claims and not for corporations or businesses
  • Refunds are only offered to Georgia residents and Georgia claims
  • Refunds are only offered for Diminished Value claims and not for other appraisal types
  • You can still use our appraisal for tax purposes even if we issue a full refund
  • We cannot offer a refund if the carrier reimbursed you for the appraisal cost
  • We cannot guarantee that the insurer will pay our entire appraised amount
  • We are not attorneys or accountants but auto appraisers

Tax Deduction:

The federal government recognizes diminished value and allows for an itemized deduction for uncompensated losses.
Use IRS form 4684*.

*Please consult with your CPA as DVGA does not offer legal or tax advice.


Money Back Guarantee Certificate