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What is Diminished Value and how can you help me achieve it?

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on July 10, 2013

Q:      What is Diminished Value and how can you help me achieve it?Diminished Value Auto


A:       Thank you for contacting Diminished Value of Georgia for the appraisal of your vehicle. I am a Customer Relations Specialist and part of my responsibility is to make certain that you have the information you need about our company in order to make an informed decision.


Many people do not understand that in the state of Georgia you have a right to have an independent appraisal company to inspect you vehicle for diminished loss regardless of fault. Even with efficient repairs, the value of the vehicle has been decreased, and this will discourage a sale once the buyer is aware of the accident.


The vehicle can be restored in appearance, but the value in the vehicle has been forever lost. Based on this fact, it is important to choose a superior company that will make determinations about the current value of your vehicle.


Some companies will not spend the time assessing every aspect of your appraisal report, and to the insurance companies this is essential. If a company operates to the highest standard required in this industry, it will win the approval of insurance companies, and this will mean more revenue granted to the insured. In other words, credibility, experience, good customer relationships, and dependable communication with insurance companies equal more value.


Diminished Value of Georgia is a company that stands for all the things I have previously mentioned. We have been in business for 7 years, and are considered one of the top appraisal companies in Georgia.


We want our customers to get every dollar they have lost in value because of an accident. We work tirelessly for our customers because we know that our business depends on individuals like you who believe in our company’s goals.  We want our customers to know that we will work with them and the insurance companies until a final determination is made regarding the claim.


When choosing a car appraisal Company look at every aspect of that company’s business, and what they guarantee to you. Our company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a flat appraisal fee, and we are able to do this because we know that our appraisals meet the highest standards of proficiency.


Insurance companies know that our appraisals are based on the correct data, and this is the reason we have an ongoing professional relationship with them. If not for this, we would not be able to continue working in the automobile appraisal industry. To the customer, this means less hassle and more peace of mind. I want you to reach out to me to answer your questions and concerns so that you will feel better our appraisal process. It is my goal to provide you with all the information you need so that you will have peace of mind as we work for you. We can be reached at 678-404-0455, and our email address is Please let me know how I can be of help to you.








Client Relations Dept

Diminished Value of Georgia


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