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Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspections Atlanta

Buying a Used car?

Pre-Purchase Inspection Atlanta

If you are planning to purchase a used owned car, it is critical that you obtain a vehicle history report prior to purchasing. But often these reports don’t give consumers the whole picture. Diminished Value of Georgia is now offering pre-purchase inspections and appraisals to provide car buyers the added peace of mind that you’re not buying a problem car.

Mechanical Inspection $150: If you have found a car that you are considering for purchase, but want to be sure that it’s a fair deal, and that the car is indeed in the condition in which it was listed, our inspection will give you the assurance you need. Our detailed car inspections include the condition of body and paint, dents, scratches, tires and wheels, glass, interior, missing parts, oil leaks, electrical items, and drive train performance.

Structural Inspection $250: Our Proprietary TrueFrame inspection report can give car buyers and sellers the most comprehensive information to help them make confident, informed decisions. The TrueFrame report gives you detailed information about the damage to a vehicle, and if it was repaired properly. Unlike other vehicle inspections, a TrueFrame inspection focuses on structural integrity. While the vehicle is lifted, the frame or unibody measurements are taken with digital precision, and a visual inspection of the vehicle’s structural components is performed. A TrueFrame inspection also identifies where the car was impacted in the prior accident and provides a cosmetic analysis of the vehicle’s exterior. Vehicles that receive a TrueFrame report can then be sold as Trueframe Certified. (No longer offered)

Fair Market Value Appraisal $150: So, you’re buying a car but not sure if you’re paying the right money for it? Our vehicle valuation report will show you exactly what the car is worth. Stop overpaying for cars and offer the seller the right money.

Inspections are performed on site within 25 miles of Roswell, GA.

To schedule an inspection, please call 678-404-0455.

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