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USAA’s Appraisal Clause Charade

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on June 20, 2014

USAA stating that a vehicle owner can be his own appraiser:USAA-Insurance-1-Star

In a letter to USAA challenging the fact that they are using their own employee as their appraiser in an appraisal clause dispute, a high level USAA executive replies the following:

If you or your spouse believes you meet the requirement of a competent appraiser, you can serve as your chosen appraiser. USAA has many members that are qualified by trade and competent to serve as their own appraiser and do so. In the same manner that you have options on who to select and pay to serve as your competent appraiser representing your interests, USAA has optional sources from which to select a competent appraiser to represent the interests of the membership. In this case we have elected to use the services of a competent claims manager unrelated to this claim to serve as our competent appraiser.

So, when a car dealer tried to be his own appraiser, below is what USAA responded with:

You cannot represent yourself as the appraiser under this claim, please contact a qualified and competent appraiser and ask them to provide you with the necessary documentation to properly file this claim. 

So, which one is it USAA?

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