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Truck Segments vs. Car Segments

by Car Appraiser on December 19, 2015

Truck Segments Vs. Car Segments:

This week, the recently downward market trend we have been seeing over the previous four weeks in car segments has taken a pause with slightly better value retention and truck segments have also shown more decline that car segments.


  • Car segments that showed the lowest decent this past week include the Entry Mid-Size car, Near Luxury Car & Prestige Luxury Car, each declining by 0.09%, 0.14% and 0.11%, respectively.
  • The truck segments that showed the best retention value last week include the compact SUV, Sub-Compact CUV, Compact Pickup & Mid-Sized Pickup.
  • Overall, volume-weighted car values have decreased by 0.22% from last week, which is significantly lower that the average depreciation rate seen in the previous four weeks of 0.82%
  • Volume-weighted truck values also decreased last week by 0.47%, which is again, much lower than the average rate of 0.63% from the previous four weeks.



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