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Diminished Value Case Study

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on October 12, 2017

2- Diminished Value Calculator Case Study

Market data suggests that vehicles with prior accident history achieve a much lower cash value. Below is a case study on the effects of collision damage to a vehicle's price.
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Diminished Value Case Study
Vehicle Information

  • Vehicle: Three year old,  Ford Sedan

  • Damage Type: Collision with another vehicle

  • Repair Amount: $7,500 (parts and labor)

  • Severity: Major rear-end damage, structural repairs performed

Diminished Value Calculator

  • Pre-Accident Cash Value: $14,640

  • Post-Repair Cash Value: $11,540

  • Loss In Value Amount: $14,640 - $11,540 = $3,100

  • Amount owed by the Insurance Company $3,100

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