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Summer 2013 Auto Sales Recap

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on September 4, 2013

Automotive-Logos-Car-CompaniesAugust capped a solid summer for the auto industry showing the strength of the overall market. Not only have automakers sold more light vehicles in the first eight months this year (10.6 million) than in all of 2009 (10.4 million), but last month’s 1.5 million sales topped the unit volume of every August since — get this — 2003.

Among major players, the only automakers without a double-digit August sales increase were Volkswagen Group of America, up 4 percent, and Hyundai-Kia America, 6 percent higher. Both comparisons were to strong year-ago volume.

Winners and Losers

% change in sales among major brands from August 2012


WinnersAug.Winners8 mos.LosersAug.Losers8 mos.
2BMW division46%2Jaguar30%2Volkswagen division-2%2Lincoln-6%
3Subaru45%3Subaru29% 2Volvo-6%
4Cadillac38%4Porsche28% 4Jeep-3%
5Buick37%5Ram25% 5Kia-2%



Top selling cars

Aug.8 mos.
1Toyota Camry44,713Toyota Camry287,119
2Honda Civic39,458Honda Accord256,926
3Honda Accord38,559Honda Civic230,578
4Nissan Altima30,976Nissan Altima228,297
5Toyota Prius27,358Toyota Corolla/Matrix210,296
6Toyota Corolla/Matrix26,861Ford Fusion206,321
7Hyundai Elantra24,700Chevrolet Cruze183,045
8Ford Fusion24,653Hyundai Elantra174,902
9Chevrolet Cruze23,909Ford Focus171,921
10Ford Focus20,372Toyota Prius170,866

Top selling light trucks

Aug.8 mos.
1Ford F series71,115Ford F series499,050
2Chevrolet Silverado43,603Chevrolet Silverado328,269
3Honda CR-V34,654Ram234,642
4Ram33,009Honda CR-V207,643
5Ford Escape26,714Ford Escape205,683
6Chevrolet Equinox25,073Chevrolet Equinox169,977
7Toyota RAV423,502Toyota RAV4144,314
8GMC Sierra18,017Ford Explorer130,969
9Jeep Grand Cherokee17,976GMC Sierra122,232
10Nissan Rogue17,273Jeep Grand Cherokee113,791

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