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State Farm Unfair Claim Handling Practices, 2017 Update

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on March 23, 2017

PSA: Atlanta, GA 03/23/2017

State Farm as of late has been extremely difficult in working with on Diminished Value claims.

It’s been brought to our attention that State Farm adjusters and claims handlers have been told to hold the line and decline or reject most of the DV claims submitted to them.  This is likely due to influence from their attorneys.

State Farm, according to a source with personal knowledge of their claims practices and who requested to remain anonymous, is A/B testing a theory that most claimants will NOT take them to trial if claims are denied.

Insurance companies have a duty to conduct a full investigation and make payments based on fair claim handling practices, apparently that memo did not get through to them.

TIP: Keep all communication with any State Farm employee on the record and in writing. This applies to claimants and insureds alike, regardless if you own a State Farm policy or you’ve been hit by a State Farm driver, know that State FArm is not looking out for your best interest when it comes to Diminished Value as evidenced by the spike in Department of Insurance complaints against them.

If your claim is being mishandled or you’re being unfairly compensated, make sure you have the correct evidence and submit a complaint to the Georgia Dept of Insurance.

Tony Rached

Tony Rached is a Diminished Value expert and has appeared at trial numerous times against State Farm and prevailed.



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