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Quarterly Statistical Analysis of the Fixed Ops World

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on April 25, 2017

For many people that worked as fixed operations workers at franchised new-vehicle dealerships, 2015 consisted of less pay and shorter hours. The National Automobile Dealers Association created a 2016 dealership workforce study, that offers insight into service department employees’ compensation, job tenure, as well as work schedules. The following data is from the NADA report.


Pay Window
In 2015, average compensation for key fixed operations employees was generally either down or flat.

Average Pay, 2015 Percentage Change from 2014
Service manager $113,622 -1
Parts manager $93,276 -4
Service adviser $64,635 -2
Service technician $58,726 1
Parts consultant $50,442 -1

On the Job
Fixed operations employees stayed with their employer longer than any other key dealership workers. Displayed below are the figures of 2015:

Median Tenure Annual Turnover 3-Year Retention
Service manager 11 years 11% 81%
Parts manager 6.4 years 22% 66%
Service adviser 4.8 years 19% 62%
Service technician 3.6 years 25% 54%
Parts consultant 2.3 years 39% 42%



Sometimes on Sunday
Roughly 7% of all dealership departments are open all day on Sundays, however the figure varies by region.

Open Sunday Avg. Hours
South Atlantic 23% 7
Pacific 9% 9.7
East North Central 2% 6.8
New England 2% N/A
Mid-Atlantic 2% N/A
West North Central 1% N/A


Gender gap
1 out of 6 service advisers is a woman, which is a higher percentage than in any other fixed operations category.

Percent of women
Service manager 6%
Parts manager 6%
Service adviser 17%
Service technician 1%
Parts consultant 7%
All key dealership positions 8%


On the Clock
The Average scheduled weekly hours for non-management fixed operations employees declined slightly between 2015 and 2014.

Avg. Workweek, 2015 Avg. Workweek, 2014
Service adviser 45.6 hrs 46.6 hrs
Service technician 42.9 hrs 43.5 hrs
Parts consultant 42.2 hrs 43.2 hrs


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