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Proportion of Drivers in Fatal Crashes Under Influence

by Car Appraiser on May 5, 2016

Proportion of Drivers in Fatal Crashes Under Influence, 1982-2010




Traffic Safety Facts

More than 5.4 million police-reported motor vehicle crashes occurred in the United States in 2010. Twenty-eight percent of those crashes (1.54 million) resulted in an injury, and fewer than 1 percent (30,196) resulted in a death.

The percent of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities has declined from 48 percent in 1982 to 31 percent in 2010.

Midnight to 3 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays proved to be the deadliest 3-hour periods throughout 2010, with
955 and 981 fatal crashes, respectively.

Collision with another motor vehicle in transport was the most common first harmful event for fatal, injury, and
property-damage-only crashes. Collisions with fixed objects and noncollisions accounted for only 18 percent of
all crashes, but they accounted for 45 percent of fatal crashes.


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