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by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on April 29, 2016

auto appraisalEvery appraiser has his own method in assessing diminished value. These are a few rules all bonafide appraisers should follow:

  • The appraisal report needs to be USPAP compliant
  • The appraiser needs to be unbiased
  • The appraiser should have no financial interest in the item appraised
  • The appraiser should not accept an assignment that includes the reporting of predetermined opinions or conclusions

Diminished Value adheres to a strict code of ethics and therefore provide the most reliable and accurate appraisals in the industry.

Our 12 pillars of appraisal:

  1. We utilize 3 different valuation sources
  2. We locate 10 comparable vehicles
  3. We consider labor hours
  4. We consider Labor to Parts bias
  5. We look up auction values
  6. We consider damage to value ratio
  7. We consider vehicle class and base MSRP
  8. We consult the NAAA grading scale
  9. We take into account frame labor
  10. We take into consideration airbag deployment
  11. We consider previous accidents
  12. We consider the number of previous owners

Ther is no standard calculator to determine the loss in value of a certain vehicle, an appraisal is necessary. Please visit our free estimate page to receive an estimate.

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