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Odometer Fraud Demand Letter






[Recipient (include dealer license number)]


Mr. Dealer,

On 01/01/2013 I acquired a [Year Make Model] from your business; this vehicle was advertised to me as having [reported mileage at date of sale] miles, this mileage was also reported on the bill of sale you signed and the title paperwork filed with the state of [your state].

In good faith, I paid $[price of purchased vehicle] for this vehicle.

It has been brought to my attention after multiple mechanical issues including major engine problems that this vehicle in-fact had more than [actual mileage at date of sale] miles at the time of purchase.

I’ve hired Antoine Rached,  an expert appraiser specializing in Diminished Value, attached is his report, it’s self-explanatory. Based on his assessment I hereby make a demand for $[appraised loss in value amount] as compensation for the difference in value I’ve suffered as a consequence of this odometer rollback.

Failure to comply with this demand will give me no choice but to report this matter to the used car board, your bonding company, the Governor’s bureau for consumer affairs as well as the US department of Transportation, as odometer rollback is a felony offence under 49 U.S.C. Section 327 (see enclosed). In addition, I will pursue legal action against your company [Name of car dealership]  in [County with jurisdiction] County, where your business is registered.

I look forward to an amicable resolution to this matter, please mail me a $[appraised loss in value amount] check to the address above and I shall consider this matter closed and cease any further action.

Kindest Regards,


This letter is to put you on notice that NONE of the documents, materials, emails, faxes, photographs, computer entries or logs, or any other item of any nature whatsoever relevant to this incident are altered, changed, destroyed, or disappear. It is our hope that you will comply, as you are aware of the civil and criminal penalties that can be assessed/imposed for the spoliation of evidence.



Diminished Value Report, Purchase Paperwork, Bill of Sale, Autocheck Report, USC code.