New-to-Used Vehicle Sales Ratio 2014-2018

New-to-Used Vehicle Sales Ratio 2014-2018

From 2014 to 2018, the ratio of  New-to-Used vehicles sold per franchise dealer has been on a downward trend.

Franchise dealers are selling more used car now than 4 years ago.

Below are a few auto news headlines from the last few weeks. This shows new car dealers, especially luxury brands, are embracing used vehicle sales.

  • Strong ratio of used to new sales pays off
    Mullinax Automotive, the biggest retailer of Ford-brand certified pre-owned vehicles in the country, is honing its sales strategies and leveraging CPO programs to shine in used-to-new ratio for vehicle sales.

  • Luxury dealers reversing course on used
    Heightened price competition and dwindling new car sales have luxury dealers turning to the used car market where there’s new financial opportunity.

  • Lamborghini launches pre-owned program
    Lamborghini has launched what it is calling its first official certified pre-owned program, and one model gets looser qualifying criteria than others.

  • Another CPO sales record this year?
    Affordability issues appear to be nudging more buyers into used cars and trucks.

The Table and charts below outline the new-to-used vehicle sales ratio across various dealership segments, from domestic to imports, luxury and economy.

The percentages show how many used cars were sold for every new car.

Year Luxury  Economy US Brands Imports
2014 68% 76% 87% 65%
2015 68% 75% 86% 65%
2016 77% 76% 86% 67%
2017 87% 75% 87% 71%
2018 90% 79% 88% 75%