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Insurance Direct Repair Program Body Shops DRP

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on December 4, 2013

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Tony Rached

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On December 4, 2013
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Direct Repair program or DRP is the industry standard description of a body shop that is affiliated with the insurance carrier.

Insurance carriers have many different names for their DRP body shops, (service first, pro-shop, select service, blue ribbon shop, etc…)

DRP Shops have usually entered into an agreement with the insurer where, in return to be on their preferred list, the body promises to:

  • Provide substantial discounts to the insurance company,
  • Limit the scope of repairs as defined by an insurance company adjuster
  • Utilize parts and materials as approved by the insurance adjusterBody-Shop-DRP
  • Support the insurer in case of a dispute

Advantages for the vehicle owner

  1. A streamlined and straightforward repair mechanism
  2. Dealing with the body shop is minimal
  3. No need to exchange funds or wait for supplements
  4. In case of a bad repair, hold the insurer jointly accountable
  5. Guaranteed completion date
  6. No Charge for storage (if the deductible is not paid on time)
  7. Reimburse for rental gaps (if the repair runs long)

Disadvantages for the vehicle owner

  1. No control or input onto the repair itself
  2. The body shop may use non-OEM parts that the vehicle owner may not otherwise accept
  3. Some damages can be mended differently as to save money
  4. Used or reconditioned parts may be used without the vehicle’s owner knowledge or conscent

The bottom line is this, pick the body shop first, interview them, read reviews and lookup their BBB score and number of complaints; if the shop is DRP, great, otherwise go don the list of body shops you want to do business with and pick the top one that’s DRP; 2 birds one stone.


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