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Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner Complaint

Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner Complaint Information


Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance
The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance assists complainants with their insurance problems. A copy of your complaint will be sent to the company or agent with a request to respond directly to you and to advise our office of the action taken. You should hear from the company or agent in about 25 days from the date you send us your complaint. When we receive the information from the company or agent, we will review the file to determine what action we can take. We will notify you of our determination. If our office is unable to obtain the resolution you desired, you may consider contacting a private attorney for advice. If your complaint involves a claim dispute, you may want to contact your county’s small claims court.

Wisconsin Online Complaint Form

Paper Form

wisconsin-island-insurance-commissioner-complaint   –   pdf




Can do:
• Send your complaint to the insurance company and require them to provide an explanation for their actions
(insurance companies/agencies have 20 days to respond).
• Review the company’s response to make sure they followed Wisconsin state laws and your policy.
• Tell the company to fix the problem or help you and the company communicate with one another.
• Help you understand your insurance policy.
• Recommend places you can go for help if we don’t have the legal right to resolve it.

Can’t do:
• Act as your lawyer or give you legal advice.
• Make medical judgments or determine who is at fault.
• Establish the facts surrounding a claim
(for example: who is being truthful when there are different accounts of what happened, or he said/she said situations).
• Determine the value of a claim, the amount owed to you or act as your adjuster.
• Address issues we can’t legally enforce.
• Tell a company to pay a claim, refund a premium, or reinstate or issue a policy (if they followed the law and your policy).

Please be advised that under Wisconsin’s Open Records Law all information you provide may become a public record once the file is closed. Only actual medical records obtained from a health care provider are confidential under s. 146.82, Wis. Stat. As a result, you should omit or mark out any confidential or personal information such as Social Security Numbers prior to submitting it to our office.

Contact Information

Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
P.O. Box 7873
Madison, WI 53707-7873
Fax: (608) 264-8115

If you are sending your complaint by FedEx, UPS, Overnight Mail, etc., please use our physical address:

Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
125 South Webster Street
Madison, WI 53703-3474