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West Virginia Insurance Commissioner Complaint

West Virginia Insurance Commissioner Complaint Information


West Virginia Insurance Commissioner Office

Protect you by enforcing West Virginia laws

Provide you with consumer information

Help you with insurance complaints involving:

-Sales and policyholder services

-Premium rates/refunds

-Cancellations/ non-renewals

-Claims delays/denials

-Settlements issues and other insurance related matters

Additional Information


West Virginia Complaint Form

west-virginia-island-insurance-commissioner-complaint    –   pdf




Formal Complaints
♦ Communication (Breakdown between parties)
♦ Misrepresentation (Agents/Consumers)
♦ Claims (Settlement Offers/Denials)
♦ Contractual Provisions (Exclusions/Non-covered Benefits)
♦ Statutory Violations (Non-renewals/Cancellations)

Contact Information

Telephone Toll-Free 1-888-TRY WVIC (888-879-9842)
TTY 1-800-435-7381
Facsimile 304-558-4965

Mailing Address
Correspondence West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner
ATTN: Consumer Service Division
PO Box 50540
Charleston, West Virginia 25305-0540

Physical Address

1124 Smith Street, Rm 309
Charleston, West Virginia 25301