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Rhode Island Insurance Commissioner Complaint

Rhode Island Insurance Commissioner Complaint Information


The Rhode Island Insurance Division

The Insurance Division is responsible for conducting financial examinations of domestic insurance companies to ensure financial solvency and market conduct examinations of domestic or foreign insurance companies to ensure compliance with the insurance statutes and regulations. The program performs several licensing functions including, but not limited to, the licensing of companies, producers, adjusters and appraisers. The program also reviews rate and form filings for the Life, Accident and Health, and Property and Casualty lines of business for compliance with state statutes and regulations, and addresses consumer complaints for these lines of business.

General Information

An individual who believes that there has been a violation of insurance statute(s) and/or regulation(s) may file a written complaint with the Insurance Division. All such complaints must be signed by the Claimant. All complaints filed shall be processed in accordance with the Insurance Division’s internal complaint review process. All complaints filed must be in writing. Upon receipt of the written complaint, the Insurance Division will make an initial determination with respect to standing and jurisdiction. The Insurance Division will then send an acknowledgement letter to the complainant advising that the Division is reviewing the matter and will contact the complainant when the situation warrants. The letter of the complaint together with any attachments will be sent to the licensee named in the complaint about the reply. Once the Insurance Division has concluded its review, a letter will be sent to the complainant stating the Division’s findings.

Rhode Island Insurance Complaint Form

rhode-island-insurance-commissioner-complaint   –   pdf






Additional Information

Before you file a complaint with the Rhode Island Division of Insurance, we suggest that
you first contact the licensee named in this complaint in an effort to resolve the issue(s).
If you do not receive a satisfactory response, then complete this form and attach copies of
any important papers that relate to your complaint. Do NOT send original documents.
Please mail your completed form to the address shown below.

Contact Information

Department of Business Regulation
1511 Pontiac Avenue, Building 69-2
Cranston, RI 02920

FAX No. (401) 462-9602
Phone No. (401) 462-9520

TDD No. 711