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Goldfein Claims & Independent Appraisal Guide

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on January 17, 2018

Golfein Claims Management is a company that helps lessors recover the loss in value (Diminished Value) sustained by leased vehicles in operation.

This, in theory, is a legitimate goal, however, the methods used by Goldfein are often misleading and bordering on unethical.

This post is to expose the potential bad faith engaged by Goldfein when sending out demands for compensation.

The letter below was sent to an insurance carrier demanding $4,550 in Diminished Value on a vehicle that suffered minimal damage.

Dear Sir/Madam:

We Represent Ally Financial, Inc. in connection with the above referenced matter.

On the above referenced date of loss, our vehicle suffered damage from the negligent actions of your insured.  Attached is a copy of the police report reflecting same.  As a result, our vehicle suffered a loss of value in the amount of  $4,550.00.  An independent appraisal made after repairs were performed, reflecting this loss is attached.  In addition, we have provided you with the relevant State law reflecting our entitlement to such damage.

Accordingly, we hereby demand reimbursement for the loss of value, also known as diminished value, of our vehicle.                 Please direct all payments to:

Ally Financial, Inc.


P.O. Box 23020

Jacksonville, FL 32241

Should you have any questions, please contact the Claims Manager  at 678-928-9710.


L**** B*** B*****, Esq.

Attorney at Law

A close examination of the “independent appraisal” provided by attorney LBB who works for Adam Goldfein, ower of Goldfein Claims, reveals that this report is issued by a company called “Independent Automotive Guide”.

A simple Georgia Secretary of State search reveals that Goldfein Claims Management and Independent Automotive Guide are one and the same. In fact Goldfein used to be Called “IAG” and then changed names.

Essentially, Goldfein requests payments and as documented proof of the amount sought, he creates his own valuation report and slaps the label “independent” on it in order to mislead the insurance company into making an exorbitant payment for loss in value.

One of the reasons amounts demanded by Goldfein are so high is because to the fact that they rarely put in the time or effort to figure out the true severity of the accident they’re trying to collect money on.

Did you receive a demand from Goldfein? We can help! 

Want to learn more about Goldfein and their illicit tactics? please call Tony Rached at 678-805-4066. Mr. Rached has defeated Goldfein at trial numerous times and has intimate knowledge of Goldfein Claim tactics and expert witness testimony.




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