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Joseph Sosnowski unfairly denied my claim.

Mr. Tony Rached,Tony,I am emailing you regarding the outstanding service I received from Tina Geiger. Tina answered all my questions and explained everything throughly regarding my diminished value claim to Geico. Prior to me contacting your company, my insurance wanted to give me $1,500 for diminished value for my 2014 Infinti QX60. I knew that wasn't right. After contacting your company I received a $4.206 diminished value estimate. I settled with my insurance for $3,500. I really appreciate the service you offer to the consumer. I definitely will be spreading the word about your company.Thanks again,Dawn Wilkins

Thank you so much for your kind words. We truly appreciate your business.

by Preston Adams on Diminished Value of Georgia

I admit that I was skeptical at first but the $150 fee was well worth it considering the first offer from Allstate was $245 after their policy holder did over $5,000 in damages to my car (2012 Honda Civic EX). The letter and report that I received from Diminished Value of Georgia pushed it up to $1,425 and I reluctantly settled for $1,100. Still much better than $245. I highly recommend these guys.

by Damaris Hodges on Diminished Value of Georgia
Diminished value

I got a letter from the insurance co that there was no diminish valuedue. My car is a 2013 with 2235 miles. I did my own figures and comeup with $ & called DV of GA. My insurance called backed with an offeredIf $250. when I let her know that I had DV of GA and got my papersready sent them to her, she got her third party to check the papersand they were right with my third party. If you don't know aboutdiminish value don't take insurance word it's worth to get it fromDM of GA. Thank you Tony and Tina very much!

by Anthony Vazquez on Diminished Value of Georgia
Thank You

Great company to deal with! Diminished Value of GA is very professional and friendly. They answered all of my questions and fought for the highest diminished value possible. I was quoted very low diminished value by my insurance company and Diminished Value of GA tripled my amount by negotiating on my behalf. I would highly recommend this company!

Thank you!

Hey Tony,

I just wanted to say thank you for your service. I edited the form letter and sent it back to State Farm. They called and left a message that their next step was to come out and do their own inspection, and they asked for an address. This morning, I received another call (less than a day later) and was offered $2650 of our claim of $2900. I accepted the offer. I can't believe that your service was so inexpensive and so effective. The first offer of $1,128 was not even half of your claim.

Feel free to use my testimony for your marketing purposes.

by Scott Shickler on Diminished Value of Georgia
Diminished Value Appraisal

After my car was in an accident, State Farm automatically sent a letter explaining diminished value, referenced a court case, and how they must abide by a very specific and legal formula in calculating how much I should receive. Along with the letter came a check in the amount of $588.43. At first I thought, free money! Then I looked up diminished value on the internet and realized that it really wasn’t free money… my car did suffer a loss and by law State Farm is supposed to provide me with the appropriate amount of diminished value for my vehicle. Well, I guess they did their job and without me even asking for it. But then I wondered if their calculation was accurate. It seemed accurate, $588.43 doesn’t seem to be a made up number. So I called State Farm and inquired about the formula they used explaining that my car had over $10,000 of repairs done to it so it seems like the payment they sent might have been too low. The agent put me on hold and within 1-minute he came back and said there was an error in the formula they used and therefore he would be sending me an additional check in the amount of $1,569.15. I said, thanks, and got off the phone. Wow, one phone call and my diminished value went from $588 to $2157.58. I went back online and found Diminished Value of Georgia and gave them a call just to make sure I was being treated fairly…they offered a free consultation anyway so it was worth an extra 10-minutes. After listening to what they had to say and the guarantee they offered, I decided to have my car professionally appraised by them. Their appraisal came back at $5,400 of diminished value. I used the letter they provided me along with their appraisal and I sent it back to State Farm. Now my claim was escalated to another person who said they would have to send a State Farm rep out to inspect my car and then they would hire an independent appraiser to conduct an appraisal of my car. They did both and the independent appraiser took about 10-minutes to look at my car and submitted a very simple 2-page appraisal to State Farm. I was then contacted by State Farm with an increased offer of $2,142.42 bringing my new diminished value amount to $4,300. I contacted Diminished Value of Georgia and told them what State Farm offered. They asked me to forward them a copy of the appraisal that was provided and then they provided me with another letter I could send back to State Farm. It worked and I got one final increase from State Farm in the amount of $500. This was such an easy process and thanks to Tony and his team at Diminished Value of Georgia I ultimately received $4,800 which was almost 90% of what they appraised my vehicle at and thousands of dollars more than what State Farm offered me. I normally don’t take the time to write these sorts of reviews but this was deserved it!



Finally they agreed and issued check for $1,350. Ah...from $83 to $1,350!!

This would not have been possible without your professional guidance and outstanding support, a true demonstration of extreme customer care and protection of their assets and interests. I'd like to personally thank you for all your help and support. You are "THE BEST!!!". I will strongly recommend DCV of Georgia and specifically you (Tony) to my friends in case they run into a similar situation.

Thanks again for all your help. Wish you and your family a Happy, Healthy, Safe and a Prosperous New Year!


Thank You!

Hello Tony,

Thank you and your team for your hard work! GEICO accepted our request for the diminished value settlement amount of $2,170. I appreciate your company and wish you the best in your endeavors.

Kind regards,
Thao Le
Atlanta, GA

Easy Process and Worth it

Thanks for your quick response and appraisal. I happened to be listening to Dale Cardwell on the radio the day I picked up my car from the body shop. Your business was being featured. With the free quote offer, I decided to contact DV of Ga. The insurance company had offered me $400 and are now paying me $2000 based on the appraisal. Definitely worth the process and the $150 I paid to DV of Ga. I definitely recommend your service.

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