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Gas Pump Myths

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on July 5, 2012

  1. gas pump mythsUsing Premium Gas.
    Higher octane (91 or more) helps high performance engines resist preignition, this is usually not necessary in normal vehicles. Premium gas costs more and will not improver performance on most cars.
  2. Recommended Gas
    Premium gas helps to maximize power on those vehicles who specifically ask for it, Unless your vehicle clearly states “premium only”, use regular gas. If it says “premium recommended”, use regular gas.
  3. Warming up the car
    Most modern vehicles don’t need more than 10 seconds before you drive. Because engines run most efficiently when warm, the best way to achieve that higher temperature is to actually drive the car.
  4. Filling when air is cool
    Since gasoline is stored below the surface of the earth, ambient temperature has little to do with efficiency.
  5. Name Brand Gasoline
    No-name or independent filling stations buy gasoline wholesale from the big name oil companies, gasoline is usually the same.

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