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Drive-by-wire Infiniti

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on September 14, 2013

It has been claimed that drivers of Infiniti’s all-new mid-size premium car, the Q50, will be the first to benefit from electronic steer-by-wire technology, said to have been inspired by the latest jet aircraft technology. Direct Adaptive Steering, standard on certain models in the Q50 range when it goes on sale later in the year, will for the first time allow the person behind the wheel to choose how that wheel feels in their by wire

Designed to be light and smooth for maneuvering, while firmer and more agile for sporty driving and challenging roads, Direct Adaptive Steering makes all options available via touch-screen controls. Uniquely in the class, both steering response and weight can be tailored, with all the settings for each driver in the Q50’s sophisticated memory.

Like an airliner, Direct Adaptive Steering benefits from several back-up systems – including a conventional mechanical steering linkage. Direct Adaptive Steering works by electronically transferring the driver’s input to the front wheels where a high-response actuator drives the steering rack. By eliminating the mechanical losses that can dull the responses in conventional systems, steering response is faster and vibration at the steering wheel is eliminated.

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