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Diminished Value of Georgia is Updating its Money Back Guarantee Policy.

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on October 30, 2013

Diminished Value of Georgia now offers a 100% money back guarantee on all loss in value appraisals offered to Georgia residents.

Diminished Value of Georgia is the state’s leading auto appraisal company specializing in loss in value appraisal reports.Money Back Guarantee Diminished Value of Georgia

What is Diminished Value?
Loss in value, otherwise known as Diminished Value, is the reduction in resale value a vehicle suffers after being repaired from an accident or collision. Auto buyers will not pay the same
amount for wrecked and repaired vehicle as they would for an undamaged counterpart.

Diminished Value of Georgia is not a law firm and does not offer legal or financial advice. They are auto appraisers and their mission is to provide their clients with valuation reports that will help them substantiate their insurance claim and give them the documentation they need to be properly compensated.

“Based on feedback we receive from our clients, more than 90% of diminished value claims are amicably settled after submitting our report to the insurance company” says Stefanie Miller, client relations manager at DVGA; “We are so confident in our results we offer our customers a 100% money back guarantee on all Diminished Value appraisals”, she adds.

Diminished Value of Georgia recommends that when considering several appraisers, the money back guarantee should be the first question clients ask.

The intent of Diminished Value of Georgia’s money back guarantee is to ensure that their clients are never out of pocket regardless of the outcome of the claim.

“If our client’s final settlement amount is not greater than the insurer’s initial offer plus our appraisal fee, we will refund 100% of our appraisal fee” says Tony Rached, owner of Diminished Value of Georgia.

Clients are encourages to review the complete terms and conditions of Diminished Value of Georgia’s money back guarantee.

Press Release- Money Back Guarantee Diminished Value of Georgia

This article is obsolete. Please visit our refund policy page for more info. 05/25/2016

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