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Diminished Value Demand Letter First Party Claim

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on August 21, 2013

John Q Public
123 Main St
Atlanta, GA 30303


To:  Insurance Company
Claim # 0123456789
Date of Loss: 01/01/2013


With regards to the insurance claim referenced above, please accept this letter and the documentation attached as our diminished value payout request.

We hereby submit the enclosed auto appraisal report completed by Diminished value of Georgia, an independent, top rated and professional appraisal company. The report is self-explanatory as it indicates our vehicle’s pre-loss value and what this vehicle is worth now as well as the diminished value amount of $____.

We demand to be fully indemnified for this loss, and as such, please remit a payment of $____ within 5 days of receipt of this notice; or, in the alternative, and in accordance to our policy’s appraisal clause, please hire a local independent appraiser (not an insurance company employee) to communicate with our appraiser and settle this claim.

We look forward to your swift reply and immediate adjudication of this matter.



John Q Public

[Insurance Company] Insured


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