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Daily Car News Bulletin for May 6, 2016

by Car Appraiser on May 6, 2016

Daily Car News Bulletin for May 6, 2016

  • Driverless Chevrolet Bolt


Self-driving Chevrolet Bolt Taxis, testing phase is planning to start within a year on public roads, technology created by Cruise Automation is going to be a major competition for Google. Studies from J.D. Power says consumers aren’t ready to trust autonomous-driving technology any more than they trust their computers to stop crashing.

  • True Car Profits


A car shopping website posted a loss of 11.7 million dollars. True car users bought nearly 175,000 cars. TrueCar lost nearly 600 dealers during a single quarter last summer. TrueCar CEO Chip Perry said the company has worked to improve relationships with dealers, redesigning TrueCar’s data policies and creating a new monthly subscription payment model.

  • Ford 2L Diesel


Ford joined VW to switch to a technology that is more effective in cleaning harmful emissions from diesel engines. SCR uses a urea tank to reduce NOx emissions but the tank requires periodic refilling.

  • New Honda Truck – Ridgeline


New Assembly line in Alabama started to work. The large banner above the new 2017 Honda Ridgeline pickup truck read “a new truck to love.” Jeff Tomko, president of Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, said the plant will produce 210 trucks a day, about 40,000 a year, and will involve over 1,500 employees of the plants total of 4,500 workers.



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