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Collision Repair Facilities

by Car Appraiser on May 5, 2016

Most Common Collision Repair Facilities




Collision repair involves repairing structural damage after a vehicle has been in a collision. Another term for collision repair is auto body repair. There are several ways to classify a collision repair facility, most common are:

Independent body shop  – is one that operates by a private owner. The shop has no association with another shops or companies.

Franchise facility – is tied to the main headquarters which regulates the operation of the business. The shop logo, materials used, pricing, etc. are all set by the headquarters and the franchise must follow their guidelines.

Dealership body shop – is owned and managed under the guidance of a car dealership – Ford, GM, Toyota etc., This type of shop concentrates on repairs of the specific make of vehicles sold by the dealership.

Progression shop – is often organized like an assembly line with specialists in each area of repair. One person assigned with a  specific job, like “frame” work. Another technician assigned to “build the body” or install parts and panels. The shop might have a wheel alignment technician, prep people, painter,etc. The vehicle will move from one area and specialist to the next until repaired.

Specialty shop – concentrates on and only does specific types of repairs or specific part. For example, a collision repair facility might send a radiator with a small hole in it to a specialty radiator shop.

Complete collision services – means the facility might do a wheel alignment, cooling system repair, electrical system diagnosis and repair, suspension system work, etc. Today, more and more collision repair shops are offering complete collision services.

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