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Car Market Insights April 2015

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on April 15, 2015

Market Strength, particularly for smaller car segments.

  • Compact Cars (+0.52%),
  • Entry-Level Cars (+0.45%) and
  • Entry Mid-Size Cars (+0.15%)

These increases help keep overall car segments stable and relatively unchanged.

The car segment with the largest decline comes from the Prestige Luxury Cars, with -0.64% for the week.

  • For the sixth consecutive week, volume-weighted car values continued to increase, though by a smaller amount than last week.
  • Overall, the volume-weighted truck values were fairly stable as well, increasing by +0.11% from last week.
  • All car segments except the luxury and premium car segments went up in value.
  • Luxury SUVs dropped in value while Full-Size Pickups and Full-Size SUVs continued to show an increase.
  • We expect the market to start to soften in the coming months as supply starts to exceed demand.


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