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Can I have a car dealer appraise my vehicle for diminished value?

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on January 28, 2016

auto appraisalNote: this article is intended for 3rd party claims only (against other party). On 1st party claims, the policy asks for an independent appraiser, usually somebody that is a licensed professional not a car dealer.

As long as the conditions below are met, a car dealer would be an acceptable appraiser for diminished value appraisals:

  • His valuation is NOT contingent on purchasing the vehicle
  • The dealer (an individual) states his qualifications and experience
  • The appraisal report is USPAP compliant
  • The dealer is willing to talk to the insurance company and explain his findings
  • The dealer will testify in court as an expert witness if need be

Dissatvantages of getting a dealer appraisal for diminished value;

  • No claim guidance
  • No demand letter
  • Less Credibility than an Independent Appraiser
  • Less Accurate than an Independent Appraiser
  • You get what you pay for!



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