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Buy It Now Wholesale Car Index – August 2018

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on August 13, 2018

Below is a list of the top 10 auction cars sorted by how many are being sold Buy-it-Now and how the sale price relates to the auction average (MMR).

A: Price under 80% of Auction Average
B: Price at or  Below Auction Average
C: Price above 120% of Auction Average

Make Total  ABC
BMW                   2,1311.4%22.2%18.0%
Chevrolet                   3,7481.7%17.8%16.0%
Dodge                   1,5062.4%21.0%17.1%
Ford                   5,3451.4%23.6%13.3%
GMC                   1,5851.9%18.0%18.6%
Jeep                   2,0031.6%16.0%11.2%
Kia                   1,4201.9%21.0%13.9%
Mercedes-Benz                   1,7261.5%16.4%18.8%
Nissan                   1,8682.8%20.9%18.1%
Toyota                   2,3752.0%19.7%17.5%

  • Make with most inventory for sale: Ford
  • Make with highest percentage of vehicles with price over 120% of auction average: Mercedes-Benz
  • Make with highest percentage of vehicles with price under 80% of auction average: Nissan

Buy It Now Wholesale Car Index

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