Body Shop Collision Repair Audit & Inspection

Collision Shop Repair Audit – Inspection of Improper Repairs

  • Are you worried that the collision shop did not properly repair your car?

  • Do you own a luxury automobile and don’t want to lose too much at trade-in?

  • Did you know that 7 out of 10 cars we inspect have repair quality issues?

Body shops are businesses tasked with repairing a vehicle after a collision. Some are reputable and do good work and some aren’t.

If a collision shop is referring an appraiser or inspector to you, they are likely associated and will not properly inspect your car. Always hire an independent and unaffiliated company (like us).

  • Bumper coming off, aftermarket fitment issue

Typical Collision Repair Issues Discovered During our Inspection:

  1. Overspray / Paint Transfer / Different Color, this is when paint particles fall on the vehicle from an outside source, usually another car being repaired nearby.
  2. Overspray, this is when paint sprayed on the repair panel makes its way to another panel of the car
  3. Misaligned panels, hood, bumpers, headlights or Trim, you would find noticeable gap between the different panels that is not consistent with an undamaged car
  4. Missing VIN stickers , an easy way for a buyer to know you car was wrecked is not to find a door jamb VIN Sticker
  5. Paint thickness, factory paint comes in multiple layers especially on luxury cars, some shops cant reproduce the same paint thickness (we use a digital paint meter)
  6. Mismatched Paint, each color has a specific code, a BMW black is not the same as a Honda Black, some shops use the same general color as to save on paint materials
  7. Missing clips or fitments, this is very common especially for fender liners and trim pieces
  8. Parking Sensors, sonars and Cameras either malfunctioning, disconnected or not calibrated
  9. Misaligned exhaust or Muffler
  10. Aftermarket parts that don’t fit well or wrong parts installed.
  11. Missing emblems and model identifiers or stickers
  12. Parts never replaced but invoiced and billed for
  13. Seat belts not replaced after airbag deployment
  14. Tape lines or the  excessive use of body filler (bondo)
  15. Paint trash, drip, pits, debris, clumps or orange peel

What is Post Collision Repair Inspection?

Our licensed auto damage appraiser will inspect your vehicle, compare the repair estimate to the actual repairs on the vehicle and advise if the repairs meet industry standard.

We will provide you with a comprehensive inspection report with pictures and a full description of the issues.

This report can be presented to the body shop or the insurance company.

What is the cost of a Post Collision Repair Inspection and Audit?

The inspection is included in our Diminished Value Field Appraisal. The cost for the inspection and DV appraisal is $325.

If you don’t need a Diminished Value Appraisal, the cost of our post-repair collision inspection is $150.

Request an Inspection before you pick up the car from the collision shop.

Once you pick up your car from the shop, it is logistically very difficult to return it, you need to get a rental etc..

Most of our client request we inspect the car at the shop the day it’s scheduled to be delivered to you.

We will go to the shop, review the estimate and confirm that the repairs meet the collision industry standards set by ICAR.

If the vehicle is properly repaired, we will give you the green light to pick it up, otherwise, the shop must redo the work or correct any issues raised in our inspection.

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