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BMW Grille Evolution

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on March 20, 2014

The BMW Grille Evolution

The two-section, rounded radiator grille – known as the kidney grille – was first seen on the BMW 303 at the 1933 International Motor Show in Geneva and evolved during the course of time into one of the most distinctive BMW design features. Over decades the characteristic kidney grille has been interpreted in many different ways and still characteristics the unmistakable face of every BMW vehicle.

1972-BMW-Grille 1972 BMW Grille 1985-BMW-Grille 1985 BMW Grille 1993-BMW-Grille 1993 BMW Grille 2006-BMW-Grille 2006 BMW Grille 2013-BMW-Grille 2013 BMW Grille 2014-BMW-Grille 2014 BMW Grille

BMW Grille Evolution throughout the years


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