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by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on March 25, 2015

Introducing the new Market Insights, a weekly report capturing the latest vehicle valuation trends straight from the auction lanes and reported as it happens by Black Book’s team of editors. The data, trends and insights delivered weekly in this report will help you make the right decisions to identify growth opportunities and maximize profit potential. This week is the second issue, covering the latest trends and data impacting the automotive industry here in late March.

This week’s report highlights the tax season strength found in a diverse set of car and truck segments. Whereas the average tax season period illustrates strength in smaller- and entry-level cars, this year Black Book data shows strength in additional segments such as Entry-Midsize, Full-size and Upper-Midsize car segments. Additionally, Compact SUVs on the truck side are also showing strength this time of year.

  • Which car segments are showing strength in diversity this tax season?
  • How are low gas prices impacting Full-Size Cars and Compact SUVs?
  • Are trucks getting more looks this tax season from buyers?


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