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Our USPAP compliant auto appraisal reports are an industry standard.AUTO APPRAISER USA MAP

We are a LICENSED Auto appraisal company that specializes in Diminished Value Appraisals.

What is an Independent Auto Appraiser?
An Independent Auto Appraiser (IAA) is a qualified individual that carries a professional license that executes appraisals for a fee. The appraiser is NOT  a salaried employee of any insurer, government agency or organization.

An independent appraiser has the fiduciary duty to serve his client to the best of his capabilities. An independent appraiser is professional contracted by the general public or any private company or government agency.

A desk appraisal is a valuation based on relevant facts and data. If you are hiring an appraiser that is not inspecting your vehicle, it really makes no difference where they’re located.

The cost for our desk appraisal is $150

Our Diminished Value Desk Appraisal Includes:Order Now Appraisal Report

  1. Insurance demand letter tailored to your claim
  2. Supporting legal documents
  3. Auto industry guide
  4. Pre-Accident value
  5. Repair bill analysis
  6. Diminished Value amount

Please call 678-404-0455 or email us at with any questions you may have. We look forward in assisting you with all your auto appraisal needs.