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1964 Shelby Superformance Cobra

by Car Appraiser on January 3, 2016

Carroll Shelby’s Superformance Cobra represents the crown of the American sports car.The Superformance Cobra combines a classic aluminum body with Ford’s lightweight 260ci V-8 engine, making it a potent competitor. The Superperformance Cobra weighs a mere 1,200 lbs with a 260 hp engine with a 4-speed transmission with rack-and-pinion steering. Shelby Superperformance Cobras are the zenith of spartan racers and are in high demand for racers and collectors alike!

1964-Superformance-Cobra-07 1964-Superformance-Cobra-02 1964-Superformance-Cobra-01 1964-Superformance-Cobra-03 1964-Superformance-Cobra-04 1964-Superformance-Cobra-06 1964-Superformance-Cobra-05 1964-Superformance-Cobra-16 1964-Superformance-Cobra-22 1964-Superformance-Cobra-17 1964-Superformance-Cobra-18 1964-Superformance-Cobra-21 1964-Superformance-Cobra-23 1964-Superformance-Cobra-24 1964-Superformance-Cobra-25 1964-Superformance-Cobra-27 1964-Superformance-Cobra-28 1964-Superformance-Cobra-29

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