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by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on October 19, 2013

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On October 19, 2013
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Photo of T D.

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T D.

Alpharetta, GA


5.0 star rating 10/17/2013

I hired Diminished Value of Georgia to appraise my car as my insurance carrier was being difficult and was not properly paying me for my lost value after the accident I had a few months earlier.


The process was very simple, DVGA gave me an appraisal and I submitted it the insurance company. The appraisal was fair and the document easy to understand.


After a few days, my insurance adjuster called me agreeing with my appraised amount and issued payment to me within a few days.


I am happy with the service I received, I just wish I didn’t have to go through this process to begin with.

Photo of K C.

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K C.

Atlanta, GA


5.0 star rating 9/14/2013

Our 2010 vehicle had recently been hit from behind by a distracted driver. Damage to the car was severe, over 8,000. After the car was “repaired” Antoine from Diminished Value assessed our car. He pointed out the poor job the repair shop had done and made suggestions to insure that the 3rd party insurance company repair it correctly. He gave a fair diminished value. We sent in the demand letter. Got an immediate response from 3rd party insurer. They came out to evaluate the car. They had a lowball offer, however once I pointed out all of the problems with the repair documented in my report as well as all the hassles we went through. The insurer assured us that the poor repair job would be corrected the next week. Then the insurer, on the spot, gave us 100% of the requested diminished value, plus the additional amount Antoine had valued for the poor initial repair job. We also requested the insurer pay the evaluation fee. They were somewhat iffy, but the claims adjuster called later that day and said they would pay the fee as well. We ended up getting 1500.00 more than the 3rd party insurance company was planning on offering us for diminished value. Antoine was instrumental in coaching us on how to insure that we got full diminished value as well as a properly repaired car. The insurer was very apologetic for all of the problems we encountered and assured us that they would make sure that they problems Antoine found in the after repair inspection were completed to our full satisfaction. I would recommend this to anyone. I would also suggest that after the body shop calls to say your car repair is complete call Diminished Value to go out to the shop to evaluate before you pick up. It would have saved us a little more time.

Photo of A J.

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A J.

Decatur, GA


5.0 star rating 7/12/2013

It is very comforting to have DV of GA as your ally when it comes to dealing with deceitful insurance companies.


Communication and the whole process was very honest, transparent and professional.


Highly recommended, based on personal experience. Use with confidence, thanks Antoine!!!

Photo of Bill P.

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Bill P.

Alpharetta, GA


5.0 star rating 4/16/2013

These guys were very helpful. Initially, I was not pleased I had to pay for this service to get GEICO to make me a fair offer. However, when I needed them to support me as GEICO tried to low ball me, they helped tremendously. My situation required multiple calls, and several supporting documents which the staff and management provided quickly and without any additional fees. The result ewas 100% of my diminished value claim after a considerabe battle with GEICO. Thanks!

Photo of Dustin G.

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Dustin G.

Fort Benning, GA


5.0 star rating 2/11/2013

Great experience! Was offered $1,200 by my insurance company, called Diminished Value of GA who wrote me an appraisal for $3,450 once I submitted this appraisal to my company they did not even argue and offered to pay me the full amount. Diminished Value of GA knows what they are doing and will get you what you deserve!

Photo of Jana T.

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Jana T.

Kennesaw, GA


5.0 star rating 2/3/2013

What a fantastic help I got by Mr.Antoine. Very helpfull to answer all my questions and I had many. They came to my house so I did not need to drive anywhere.

Even contacted for me two times my insurance company, because they still were not willing to pay money what I deserve. I could not pick better company to help me. If you looking for a people person that is Mr. Antoine. 100% recommendation to all of you in need. J.T.


Photo of Christopher J.

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Christopher J.

Savannah, GA


5.0 star rating 11/21/2012

Back in August of ’12 my 2010 was smashed (15k est dmg) by a woman that thought it was a good idea to run a red light. After everything was said and done, I was offered $648 diminished value compensation. After thinking, this cannot be right; I would never buy a car that underwent such major repair for only $648 less than fair market value. I was advised to contact DVG and they made the experience seamless, they sent out one of their appraisers and emailed soon followed instructing me on the process demanding a fair diminished value for my vehicle. After both parties sat down, I received an additional check for roughly $2900. That’s quite a big swing, roughly 5x their original offer. Good looking out!

Photo of Reddy M.

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Reddy M.

Alpharetta, GA


5.0 star rating 10/8/2012

In the initial introduction call, Tony explained the process and he also offered a full refund if I fails to get any more extra dollars from my insurance company. Within few hours the inspection completed and with couple of days I had received the reports. Insurance company finally agreed to send me a check for 4400( initial offer was 1200). So this company deserves the 5 star rating in all areas. Thank you for helping me in this situation.

Photo of Monique J.

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Monique J.

Athens, GA


5.0 star rating 9/25/2012

I had a great experience with Antoine. He & his office staff were very professional. The fees are very reasonable & affordable. The preparation of my DV claim was on time and prepared. I had almost hire this other office for my DV claim, but there fees was too high & not only that they never could give me a direct answer and kept giving me the run around. But @ diminish value they are the best. My insurance said that they was going to pay me $0.00 in DV, because my Tahoe lost no value, which sustained 13,600 in damages..but after I hired Antoine I was giving a fair settlement offer that I couldn’t imagine. BELIEVE OR NOT it was $2424.00. My insurance adjuster just call me today and confirm that they will be cutting the check to me today for that amount. You really ROCK Antoine. I am just happy that I didn’t have to pay $400.00 for an appraisal & 2 months to get a settlement of which Collsion Claim told me. I hired Antoine on 09/14/2012 got a settlement offer on 09/21/2012 & getting a check cut on 09/25/2012. NOW THAT IS AWESOME!!!!

Photo of Albey W.

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Albey W.

Cumming, GA


5.0 star rating 7/20/2012

I had the pleasant experience of having the help of Antoine to get me the credibility II needed to recoup the resale loss anticipated after an accident to my Lexus 430.

Not only did Antoine give me a well thought out, researched and professional appraisal of realistic diminished value to the vehicle, he also negotiated successfully on my behalf with my insurance carrier (USAA). As a result, I received financial compensation 4 times what I was originally offered by the insurer.


They are the real deal and I can recommend them without reservation.


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