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Used Car Buying Tips

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on August 30, 2016

When purchasing a used car, there are a few guidelines to go buy to make the most out of your purchase.  Consumers are strongly encouraged to obtain a vehicle history report and have an independent vehicle inspection done.  Other questions you may want to ask before purchasing are listed below. used-car

  • Did you hire a qualified mechanic to inspect the mechanical integrity of the car?
  • Did you test drive the car on varied road conditions?  Highways, stop and go stoplights, hills, and turns are highly recommended during the test drive.
  • Did you ask for the cars maintenance records?  Either from the owner, dealer, or repair shop?
  • Have you researched maintenance frequency and costs on the vehicle through any auto related consumer magazines?
  • If the current owner is unsure about the cars history, did you talk to the previous owner?
  • Did you examine the car using an inspection checklist?
  • Did you check a trusted database that gathers information from state and local authorities, insurance companies, or salvage yards for an independent and efficient review of the cars history?

By following these simple guidelines, you may save yourself a lot of trouble, time and money when planning a purchase of a used vehicle.

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