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Dealer Holdback 2014

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on May 1, 2014

New Car Dealer Holdback by Manufacturer

Dealer Holdback

ManufacturerHoldback Amount
Acura2% of base MSRP
AudiUndisclosed by Manufacturer
BMWUndisclosed by Manufacturer
Buick3% of total MSRP
Cadillac3% of total MSRP
Chevrolet3% of total MSRP
Chrysler3% of total MSRP
Dodge3% of total MSRP
Ford3% of total MSRP
GMC3% of total MSRP
Honda2% of base MSRP
Hyundai3% of total MSRP
Infiniti1.5% of base MSRP
Jaguar Undisclosed by Manufacturer
Jeep3% of total MSRP
Kia3% of base invoice
Land RoverUndisclosed by Manufacturer
Lexus2% of base MSRP
LincolnUndisclosed by Manufacturer
Mazda1% of base MSRP
Mercedes Benz1% of total MSRP
MiniUndisclosed by Manufacturer
Mitsubishi2% of base MSRP
Nissan2.8% of total invoice
PorscheUndisclosed by Manufacturer
Ram3% of total MSRP
Saab2.2% of base MSRP
ScionUndisclosed by Manufacturer
Smart3% of total MSRP
Subaru2% of total MSRP
Suzuki3% of base MSRP
Toyota2% of base MSRP
Volkswagen2% of base MSRP
Volvo1% of base MSRP


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