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Car Accident Fatalities by State by Party Affiliation

by Diminished Value Car Appraiser on July 13, 2018

Population, fatal motor vehicle crashes, motor vehicle crash deaths and motor vehicle crash death rates per state, 2016.

Deaths per 100,000 population, all 50 States from least fatal to most fatal.

Q: Which state has the lowest car accident fatality rate
A: Rhode Island

Q: Which state has the highest car accident fatality rate
A: Mississippi

Noteworth Info:

  • The states with the lowest accident fatality rates are all Democratic / Blue States
  • The states with the highest accident fatality rates are mostly Republican / Red States
  • There were 34,439 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the United States in 2016
  • 11.6 deaths per 100,000 people and 1.16 deaths per 100 million miles


StateDeaths per 100,000 populationPolitical Affiliation
1Rhode Island4.8Least Fatal (Blue State)
2New York5.2Blue State
3Massachusetts5.7Blue State
4New Jersey6.7Blue State
5Minnesota7.1Blue State
6Washington7.4Blue State
7Connecticut8.2Blue State
8Hawaii8.4Blue State
9Maryland8.4Blue State
10Illinois8.5Blue State
11Virginia9Blue State
12California9.2Blue State
13Utah9.2Red State
14Pennsylvania9.3Red State
15Ohio9.7Red State
16Vermont9.9Blue State
17New Hampshire10.2Blue State
18Wisconsin10.5Red State
19Michigan10.7Red State
20Colorado11Blue State
21Nevada11.2Blue State
22Alaska11.3Red State
23Nebraska11.4Red State
24Maine12.1Blue State
25Oregon12.1Blue State
26Indiana12.4Red State
27Delaware12.5Blue State
28Iowa12.9Red State
29South Dakota13.4Red State
30Texas13.6Red State
31Arizona13.9Red State
32North Carolina14.3Red State
33West Virginia14.7Red State
34Kansas14.8Red State
35North Dakota14.9Red State
36Idaho15Red State
37Georgia15.1Red State
38Florida15.4Red State
39Missouri15.5Red State
40Tennessee15.7Red State
41Louisiana16.2Red State
42Oklahoma17.4Red State
43Arkansas18.2Red State
44Montana18.2Red State
45Kentucky18.8Red State
46Wyoming19.1Red State
47New Mexico19.3Blue State
48South Carolina20.5Red State
49Alabama21.3Red State
50Mississippi23.1Most Fatal (Red State)

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