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Vermont Insurance Commissioner Complaint

Vermont Insurance Commissioner Complaint Information


Vermont Insurance Department Complaint Electronic Form

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Paper Form

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How The Vermont Insurance Division Handles Your Complaint

When your completed complaint form is received, we will forward an acknowledgement to you via U.S. mail.
We will write to the company forwarding them a copy of your complaint. We will ask them to send us a written response to the issues you raised in your complaint.
By law, any person or company we license must respond to us within 15 working days. If we don’t receive a timely response, we will send a follow-up letter. A company may ask for an extension if their response requires additional time.
The length of our review process depends on how complicated the issues are in your complaint. The review process may require follow-up letters and phone calls. The examiner assigned to your complaint will advise you of his/her conclusions once the review has been completed.

Limitations Of The Complaint Process

We review each complaint to ensure that insurance companies and their representatives are complying with Vermont Laws and Regulations.
Sometimes complaints involve genuine disputes of fact such as; who is responsible for a loss, or the cost of repair or the fair value of a loss. In those instances, the Department will attempt to informally mediate a fair outcome.
Please note, the consumer complaint process is not an adjudicatory process and some disputes can only be settled by going to a court of law.

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