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Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner Complaint

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner Complaint Information


Oklahoma Insurance Department

Consumer Assistance/Claims Division processes and investigates all complaints lodged by the public against insurance companies. This division also answers routine requests for information concerning insurance companies and policies.

After You Filed a Complaint

Once received at the Oklahoma Insurance Department, your file will be assigned to the appropriate Consumer Assistance/Claims Analyst, who will send you an acknowledgement letter.

We will then contact the company for a detailed explanation of its position. By law, the company has thirty (30) days from receipt of our letter to respond.

There may be some unforeseen delays if the company needs time to gather additional information in order to fully address your concerns. If this occurs, your Consumer Assistance/Claims Analyst will keep you informed of the status of your file by mail.

Once a final response is received and reviewed, your Consumer Assistance/Claims Analyst will forward a letter of explanation.

Electronic Complaint Form

Oklahoma Online Complaint Form

Paper Form

oklahoma-insurance-commissioner-complaint   –   pdf





Contact Information

Mailing address (include supportive documentation):

Five Corporate Plaza
3625 NW 56th, STE 100
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Fax number (include supportive documentation):
(405) 521-6652