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Michigan Insurance Commissioner Complaint

Michigan Insurance Commissioner Complaint Information


How to file a complaint:,5269,7-303-12902_12907—,00.html

Filing form:

Michigan Department of Insurance Complaint Form – pdf


First Steps

Contact the Company or Agent. If you disagree with an insurance company or insurance agent in Michigan always first contact the company and/or agent directly.
• Speak with a management representative to try to find a solution.
• Explain the problem in a calm, courteous manner.
• Provide dates, amounts, and as many related facts as you can.
If you still do not agree with the company position, ask them to provide a written response. Ask them to list the specific rules or language in the policy that allow them to deny or exclude coverage.
If you feel that your insurance agent misrepresented what your policy covers, made false statements to persuade your decision about coverage, or used other fraudulent methods, try to resolve the dispute by speaking directly with the agent. If you still do not agree with the agent’s position, ask for a written response. Ask the agent to include policy language, copies of documents you signed when you applied for insurance, or other reasons or facts, which might support the agent’s actions.

How DIFS Can Help
If you are still dissatisfied after contacting the company or the agent, you may wish to contact DIFS Consumer Services to ask questions or to file a written complaint. When you file a complaint, Consumer Services acts as a link between you and the company or agent. We try to resolve the complaint and see that your questions are answered. Your complaint is based on the documents you submit. Be sure to include all pertinent information. Include:

• Name of the insurer and/or agent involved
in the dispute.
• Policy and claim numbers.
• Details of any previous contact regarding
the matter.
• Copies of documents that help verify or
explain the problem